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The Rat

The Rat is a Chinese zodiac sign individualistic charismatic and astute, with a lot of pessimism. It is one of the most eloquent signs and is an excellent conversationalist and speaker. It exerts a strong appeal to the opposite sex and is very attractive. A rat always has a good savings account secret to "survive the winter." Only people who truly love can draw from that account, because the need for security is very high in the soul of the Rat. In fact, it is very sensitive, but is also capable of trampling on corpses to achieve his goal. The truth is not important for the Rat.

The Rat is very diligent, hardworking and ambitious and wants to reach the top social. It is able to multiply the money in his possession or under his administration and is very astute and can be aggressive. Never reveals a secret and uses it to their own plans. In the love needs a lots of stroking.
Nevertheless, the Rat can spend many money on clothes and luxury cars. The mouse is also the perfect lover because they do not willingly binds to only one person for a lifetime.

How to conquer the Rat man:
The Rat man does not bind willingly. Perhaps the small lie, that she is already married, but not happy, can help a lot. With clothes of good style and excellent behaviour can achieve the desired goal.

How to conquer the Rat woman:
The female mice seduces you with luxury and great conversation. They can not resist a handsome man and intelligent. The little mouse looking the protector wealthy and wants to be seduced gallantly.

Popularity: In the short time the Rat sensitive is very popular and loved. In the long term a bit less.

Temperament: A quiet volcano. The strong activity within not seen. But there is.

Character: A person never tired, hardworking, active and beaming and a little pessimistic.

Patience: Excellent.

Sex: Usual.

Loyalty: Has not a great interest to bind with a single person. It would feel trapped.

Family and children: High sense of responsibility towards their children. They do not miss anything.

Likeliness to impose: A long-term very high.

Professions: Expert finance, stock market trader, banker, administrator, accountant, psychologist, consultant, professor, political.

Aries - Rat Taurus - Rat Gemini - Rat
Cancer - Rat Leo - Rat Virgo - Rat
Libra - Rat Scorpio - Rat Sagittarius - Rat
Capricorn - Rat Aquarius - Rat Pisches - Rat

The relationship between the Rat and the other Chinese signs, with little regard to western zodiac signs:
Rat 2 identical signs of the zodiac are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may be bored. Do something!
Ox The contrasts attract, even if two signs are completely different. Ox and the Rat you understand the depths of their souls. The strict and firm Ox always loves her little Rat and Rat to be protected from Ox. Excellent union, where occidental signs may only disturb a bit. If, however, the occidental signs are good with each other, then no one will be able to destroy this pair.
Tiger The small and smart Rat together with the great Tiger who is not afraid of anything. Here problems are detected. The Tiger is not concerned with security requirements of its little Rat, because Tiger does not even know the meaning of fear or pessimism. The Tiger always want to have an independent partner, who looks to himself. Here, the western zodiac signs may immediately destroy the base or offer a good relationship.
Rabbit 2 Chinese zodiac signs that are very housewares, which have nothing in common. They do not understand the depths of their souls. It is forced union that could be improved a bit 'by western zodiac signs. The faithful Rabbit who loves the truth along with Rat astute. Here it goes to end badly.
Dragon Dragon and Rat are an excellent relationship. The Rat is attracted by the Dragon and both are charming and clever. It is of a report where will not miss the lightning of love.
Snake These two signs are attached to a thin wire. Snake and Rat are clever and agile, but as you know, the Snake eats Rats. This relationship stands or falls according to our western zodiac sign.
Horse Rat and Horse it will never understand. Even their feelings are opposites. Both also have a tendency to be infidels. Or the Horse restive and go off at a gallop, or trampling their hooves on the Rat. Our western astrology could help a little 'this union, but not for long time.
Goat The introverted Goat with the very sociable Rat. These two signs pessimistic, they will never understand in their hearts. This union stands or falls according to our western zodiac signs.
Monkey Monkey and Rat create an excellent report. Two cunning who celebrate every day. They are very united in love and the little Rat manage to save a bit for his monkey. While the optimism of the Monkey is able to cover the pessimism of the Rat. Our western zodiac signs they should be really contrasting to disturb this relationship.
Rooster The Rat saver will have its serious problems with the generous Rooster. Among other things they do not understand even in the affairs of love. This relationship can be good only when the western zodiac signs are very well together.
Dog These 2 signs savers, can their understand and respect one another. The calm of the Dog can often calm the nervousness of the Rat. Our Western signs, can increase this report, but weaken it only in a few cases.
Pig It is almost always a happy relationship between Rat and Pig. The Pig will submit voluntarily to the Rat. Our western zodiac signs should not even be excellent, just that they are in the mid range as this relationship lasts a long time.