Capricorn - Dragon

The double sign of the zodiac Capricorn - Dragon

The Capricorn gives the Dragon calm and the merits necessary. The Dragon in turn by the Capricorn energy and agility to be able to meet all of its commitments. If this double zodiac sign is able to reduce the commitments, then it will not stop any more. It is a very eloquent Capricorn.

The Capricorn, orderly and organizational, is winged, with the energy of the Dragon. A Capricorn with the wings of the Dragon. In this double sign of the zodiac should not give any employer. This is an eloquent Capricorn and a Dragon that does not change so often the workplace.

The family, but especially children, are the most important thing for the Capricorn-Dragon.

This zodiac sign needs a loving and caring partner. The Capricorn makes the Dragon faithful. The bedroom is a very important place and is subject to absolute privacy.

Prominent people VIP Capricorn-Dragon:
Jakob Grimm 4.01.1785
Martin Luther King 15.01.1929
Giorgia Meloni 15.01.1977

The Capricorn   December 21 - January 19

Capricorn is a realist who works hard to achieve his goal. This zodiac sign of success needs to be satisfied. The man and woman born under this sign stand with their foot stuck in the ground. Though the Capricorn needs its own personal account at the bank and its untouchable self, a spouse will still perfect. With the right partner remains faithful all his life.
With the money Capricorn we can do and if the Capricorn man does not have enough money, then marries the money. Love surely follow. It may very well put together with love and money and remains faithful to a spouse. Very conservative. The disco is not so important.
His few friends can never complain.
Capricorn is a serious person, determined and constant.

How to conquer the Capricorn man:
The Capricorn man is very cautious in love. Wanting to seduce a Capricorn man is very difficult. Perseverance and patience will be your forte. He does not like it at all if you throw the first time. At least you do not know him long ago. Tell him it's the best of the best and let them see that you are not a spendthrift.

How to conquer the Capricorn woman:
The Capricorn woman is also very cautious. Tell him how beautiful and make her laugh. Be a bit 'of time for the "first time". Then you will have for life a package great for day and night.

The Dragon

The casanova, the courtesan, the idealist. A person overactive and high vitality. The dragon has charisma. This Chinese zodiac sign love freedom more than anything else. Any adventure becomes the dragon. He has many friends and is always on the move. He is not afraid of anything or anyone. It is highly confident in themselves and to be able to overcome any obstacle, flying over him majestically.
The opinion of others is not interested in the dragon. A savings account is not necessary. They have a magical charm. No man can resist a dragon lady. Women dragon never reveal their love affairs.
The dragon is always frank and outspoken and says what he thinks.
But the old Chinese saying: Be careful, a dragon is almost always of paper.

How to conquer the Dragon man:
Let us invite you to a party man-dragon, or go to that party where there is also him. Dress elegant, classic and very feminine. The dragon man can hook up with the classic femininity. And do not say yes right away, because it must have the feeling of having conquered.

How to conquer the Dragon woman:
The dragon lady you must try to be a smart man. Invite him in an exclusive resort. Exclusive restaurant, or work around the cultural world. The dragon is very emancipated woman and not know what to make of men puppet.

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