Aries - Monkey

The double sign of the zodiac Aries - Monkey

The agile Monkey manages to push straight on top of the Aries. And this in a short time. From Lieutenant to General does not take much. Rams-Monkey have excellent ideas that they would like to implement in a short time due to their absolute lack of patience. And this can not work.

The Aries never betrays his few friends and the monkey makes these friendships even more grounded and friendly. They report that will last a lifetime.

But unfortunately it can happen that the day of the wedding this dual sign there is not before a registrar of civil status ... because the thought of having to tie to life do a cold sweat.

Looking for a partner that hosts willingly friends home of the Aries-Monkey. Although he does not look good. Then it can not happen anything. Of course you can sit every night in the tavern nearby, and discuss all things possible. But after all these discussions the bedroom is very important ......

Prominent VIP women Aries-Monkey:
Els Borst, was Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands, 22 March 1932
Loretta Lynn, 14 April 1932
Sue Barker, 19 April 1956
Ashley_Judd, 19 April 1968
Alaina Huffman, 17 April 1980

Prominent VIP man Aries-Monkey:
Herbert von Karajan, 5 April 1908
Barend Biesheuvel, was Prime Minister of the Netherlands, 5 April 1920
Gerhard Schröder, was Chancellor of Germany from 1998 to 2005, 7 April 1944
Dzhokhar Dudayev, 15 April 1944
Steve Ballmer was CEO of Microsoft, 24 March 1956
José_Manuel_Durao_Barroso, President of the European Commission, 23 March 1956
Luca Zaia, 27 March 1968
Anthony Michael Hall, 14 April 1968

The Aries  March 21 - April 20

Aries is the zodiac sign more direct, frank, impulsive, and who says what he thinks. Aries wants to impose itself and have the situation under control. It is an energy package that knows exactly what you're getting, and this immediately. This zodiac sign does not know overtones and that makes him weak in the intrigue. With the right partner is a sign faithful ready to give everything for those who love immediately. A person of momentum, courageous and proud who do not care the soup from yesterday. It is not vindictive. His freedom is not debatable. In the profession wants to impose the ram and will take the steps towards the highest peaks.
Aries does not reflect too long to make a decision, but it is often still the right one, as if a mysterious sixth sense that tells him the right way.

How to conquer the Aries man:
The man ram want to conquer and subdue the woman with love. The woman in love with a ram that would conquer you should not let conquer and seduce. This one does it better with provocative clothes and affectuosly teasing. But after that, it must have enough energy to keep Aries in the bedroom ......

How to conquer the Aries woman:
After many reports go to end badly, the Aries woman tries his own hand, his "victim." The Aries woman is gained through activities, passion, honesty and tenacity. And do not do it once to win it, otherwise you will be tattered later. The Aries woman does not know what to do with weak men, puppets and quiet people.

The Monkey

The mobile and easy Monkey loves the big show and be the center of attention. It is always ready for new jokes to make others ridiculous. The opinion of others is not interested in the monkey. She knows, that always manages to impose itself to others. Very sociable and friend to all. But it has very few or even no true friend. They are always ready to do a new joke.

Divorced and remarried often. To the outside are realistic and within themselves in a world of dreams. The ideas never fail to a monkey. The truth is not an important thing, because it does not match with their virtual world. The monkeys do what they want to do and not what corresponds to the norm.
If necessary, the monkey can lose any scruple. Many elite tennis players are born under this sign. Even supermodels and other actresses carry this zodiac sign. The woman monkey it can always impose.

How to conquer the Monkey man:
As a woman you should be dressed very sexy but it does not matter if classic or jeans. The flatter so late. Let yourself be seduced because this gorilla out to show what it is capable of doing. And frank laugh when he makes one of his jokes. You can also behave non-conformist. It would help a lot.

How to conquer the Monkey woman:
It is very difficult to win a woman because monkey will always succeed in breaking toward men. But she loves the intellectual type. Dimostratele to be smart and have their own view, sure of yourself. Luxurious places too could become boring for the monkey. But perhaps you should first check the sign of the West. Be careful that you do not get bored. Otherwise you've seen forever.

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