Taurus - Tiger

The double sign of the zodiac Taurus - Tiger

The promptness of the Taurus-Tiger helping others is legendary. You should only have to ask and you will be helped. But it will never give you trouble wanting to impose his help when you do not want. The kindness and calm outside of this person is very strong. It is a peaceful Taurus with the nonconformity of the Tiger. A Tiger calm or kitten sleeping in front of the fireplace.

But be careful! Under this double sign were born many well-known rebels, revolutionaries and criminals.

The Taurus excellently rearranges the various revolutionary ideas of the Tiger. The Tiger in turn makes the Taurus more agile and fast. This is a Tiger that does not throw money away from the window. This globetrotter Tiger needs a hidden lair where you can escape when hunted. The men and women born under this sign often want the complete equality of rights between men and women and also more social aid to the poor. Although the Taurus-Tiger is a real man does not want to see, while the woman Tiger-Taurus gets along very well with people and has everything under control.

Neither the Taurus and even the Tiger are afraid of something. So the Tiger is likely to push the Taurus towards the risky actions that do not normally ever would take.

The work that begins this sign will always be finished, whatever the cost. Sometimes, however, it will be just the beginning of a bit too slow.

This Tiger is capable of being extremely faithful. His family can not be almost never complain.

It seeks a partner cheerful, that never underestimates this (apparently) kitten. Why care: has the legs from Tiger capable of tear! The bedroom is very important every single day and you should always try a few new position, because sex is a fine program of detention. Love is something else.

Prominent people VIP Taurus-Tiger:
Maximilien de Robespierre 6.05.1758
James_Monroe 28.04.1758
Karl Marx 5.05.1818
Ho Tschi Minh 19.05.1890
David Attenborough 8.05.1926
Bernard Madoff 29.04.1938
Wolfgang Priklopil 14.05.1962
Renata Polverini 14.05.1962
The author of this site, is
also part of this double sign.

The Taurus  April 21 - May 20

The calm and patient Taurus who is not afraid of anything. A realist, not very tolerant and materialistic. Money is important. Its 4 hooves are nailed to the ground. Very conservative and traditionalist with high sense of responsibility for the family. The family they can trust 200% on his Taurus and after as well friends. The time that elapses is the best tool for the bull waiting for the right moment to go at a gallop. The Taurus is a master of time. A slow thinker very neat.
Often it's not sporting. Instead, it is a gourmet who often has a few extra pounds.
The Taurus is very vindictive and never forgets the wrongs or the praise..

The bulls father and mother never neglect their children and want a comfortable home.
Every 10 years the Taurus seeing red. Then he breaks down the apartment, but without ever touching their partner and children. The anger unleashed on material goods. But after that, the issue that sparked the Taurus, will forever be put on record.
Taurus man is a calm and peaceful partner, as a final result lowers his head and off at a gallop. Whatever the cost. At that moment, his enemies will stop laughing. Perhaps forever.

The woman Taurus, it is very sensual and sincere. If it finds the right partner this will have no chance to sneak away. Then the woman Taurus can even become irrational. Every 10 years explodes her as well, and then we will need a new table service. Why will dismantle everything that lies between the fingers.

How to conquer the Taurus man:
A man Taurus, will seduces, inviting him to your house. Candlelight, live piano music in the background and an impeccable dinner. Faced with a plunging neckline female Taurus male it remains paralyzed. Can not take my eyes off it. Do not forget it. Then, you want to lose your head to a Taurus outside is simply a waste of time. If you want to seduce him, then under the roof or in the car.

How to conquer the Taurus woman.
To win the woman first Taurus is invited to a restaurant where the food is good and the music is not too high. A small bouquet of flowers would be great. Then is invited in their own apartment or will seduces affectionately in the car ..... Do not invite them to a sporting event, because most of the "Taurus womans" do not know what to do. It is a waste of time.

The Tiger

The Tiger is undisciplined and risks willingly. An unpredictable idealist. Always in blujeans. Globetrotter unabated. Does not care about the formalities. Very sociable. In what he wants to do is very determined, rather undecided about what she does not care much. Love freedom more than anything. Goes crazy if locked in the house. The tiger is incorrigible optimist. He is not afraid of anything and is very determined.
The Tigers are getting what they want to do. Even if they are half dead on the ground, and trampled stunned, then get up and continue the road that they wanted to take.

It is a leader, stubborn but you can criticize whenever you want. Accept criticism.
It also gives to a stranger his last shirt. The material assets and the money is not very interested at this individualist.
In hunting and in disputes the tiger is unpredictable and can not be calculated. This is its real strong.
Warning: The tiger you can jump him from behind a bush. There, where no one would have expected. And if the tiger is seriously injured, then retreats into the jungle to lick his wounds. And when everyone believes that now is dead and eaten by worms, then jump you upon unexpectedly.

How to conquer the Tiger man:
Here you can serve very lovingly tease the Tiger man. Provoking a little the Tiger man, can be useful. Invite him to the next snack-bar. There, standing at the table, you can get a little closer.

How to conquer the Tiger woman:
The woman Tiger you can expect to picnic on top of the highest mountain in your region. Or behind a waterfall of a river. Even a trip in a rowing boat would not hurt. But do not forget to bring back some good sandwiches and mineral water. And provoking she a little with great affection. But everything has its limit. Do not provoke the woman tiger too, because this, when he's had enough of you is able to jump out of an airplane without a parachute, or diving into the water and swim to shore.

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