Leo - Rat

The double sign of the zodiac Leo - Rat

Career, luxury and a high nose. The Leo-Rat can not stand it always does soon, to reach his goal. The antipathy that the Leo-Rat gets from people around him, holding up a bit 'of his career. But this dual sign will try again over and over again and one day I will.

In the profession the Rat makes it even more agile, Leo. The Rat always finds a hole in the cage where the Leo manages to escape. In addition the Rat makes Leo immune to any intrigue. It is a Leo with a rear view mirror. Colleagues at work or step aside or are swept away by a paw of Leo.

The kids will not miss anything. Partner perhaps.

The partner of a woman Leo-Rat does not have the simple life. It must have money and surround themselves with luxury and prestige, then it will receive from its Lioness-Rat twice as housewife, mother, business partner and roommate in the luxurious bedroom. The woman partner instead of a man Leo-Rat, will have a difficult life, if its double sign is not goes well with the Leo-Rat.

Prominent people VIP Leo-Rat:
Mata Hari, 7.08.1976
José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, 4.08.1960
Robert Redford, 18.08.1936

The Leo  July 23 - August 22

The Leo. A zodiac sign authoritarian and accustomed to luxury. The powerful king of the jungle is in charge of everything. Full of life and courage. Proud and fierce of himself. Leisure and unbeatable. Unfortunately has a strong sense in the self above-evaluated. The Lion and the Lioness say what they think. Without any fear. Leo can be very generous, and the right partner will remain faithful all his life.

This Zodiac sign loves the challenge. He wants more than what he has but it is tolerant of novelty and the past did not know what to do. His goal is always the highest of all.

How to conquer the Leo man:
To win over the Leo you must respect and admire his honest pride. It should help you become even more rich and get even more luxury in its environment. The goal of the lion is the highest of all. The male lion needs a woman who is like a rock behind him and that is good into bed. Otherwise, if you will find other.

How to conquer the Lioness:
To win you should first invite Leo woman in a fancy restaurant. Then you can go to the Grand Hotel. In order to be able to keep it true and it must be straight, very ambitious and determined. At Lioness likes compliments. We must show them that has a strong partner and good taste, with determination, runs upwards. At Lioness not like stingy and puppets, remember that.

The Rat

The Rat is a individualistic charismatic and smart Chinese zodiac sign, with a lot of pessimism. It is one of the most eloquent signs and is an excellent conversationalist and speaker. It exerts a strong appeal to the opposite sex and is very attractive. A rat always has a good and secret savings account for "get through the winter." Only people who the Rat truly love can draw from that account, because the need for security is very high in the soul of the mouse. In fact, it is very sensitive, but is also capable of trampling on corpses to achieve his goal. The truth is not important for the rat.

The Rat is very diligent, hard-working and ambitious and wants to reach the top social. It is able to multiply the money in his possession or under his administration and is very smart and can be aggressive. Never reveals a secret and uses it to their own plans. Love needs lots of stroking.
Nevertheless, the Rat can spend much money on clothes and luxury cars. The rat is also the perfect lover because they do not willingly binds to only one person for a lifetime.

How to conquer the Rat man:
The man does not bind mouse willingly. Perhaps the small lie, that she is already married, but not happy, can help a lot. With clothes of good style and excellent behavior can achieve the desired goal.

How to conquer the Rat woman:
The female Rat seduces you with luxury and great conversation. It can not resist a handsome and intelligent. The Rat woman looking for the wealthy patron and wants to be seduced gallantly.

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