Leo - Ox

The double sign of the zodiac Leo - Ox

Approval, power, luxury and desire to lead distinguishes the Leo-Ox. There is nothing and nobody that could hinder his way to the highest peaks. If someone tried to prevent it, then it should have enough power and will, otherwise it can only crawl away. The "fear" is a word that this double sign does not know what it is. Some sense of anxiety not receiving them.

In addition, the Ox-Leo is capable of conducting exceptionally well and motivate his subordinates.

In his profession this double sign of the zodiac is tireless and succeeds in everything. To be swept away with one paw, it is sufficient to briefly to hinder the Leo-Ox.

Perhaps the work and power are here most important of the family, which will not miss materially anything.

The man's female partner Leo-Ox should almost always be able to say yes, and help him in his race to the highest peak. The partner-man instead of the Lioness Ox should have enough money and power. The children will be looked after by the partner of the Leo-Ox. The bedroom is of normal importance.

Prominent people VIP Leo-Ox:
Napoleone Bonaparte 15.08.1769
Barack Obama 4.08.1961
Mikis Theodorakis 29.07.1925

The Leo  July 23 - August 22

The Leo. A zodiac sign authoritarian and accustomed to luxury. The powerful king of the jungle is in charge of everything. Full of life and courage. Proud and fierce of himself. Leisure and unbeatable. Unfortunately has a strong sense in the self above-evaluated. The Lion and the Lioness say what they think. Without any fear. Leo can be very generous, and the right partner will remain faithful all his life.

This Zodiac sign loves the challenge. He wants more than what he has but it is tolerant of novelty and the past did not know what to do. His goal is always the highest of all.

How to conquer the Leo man:
To win over the Leo you must respect and admire his honest pride. It should help you become even more rich and get even more luxury in its environment. The goal of the lion is the highest of all. The male lion needs a woman who is like a rock behind him and that is good into bed. Otherwise, if you will find other.

How to conquer the Lioness:
To win you should first invite Leo woman in a fancy restaurant. Then you can go to the Grand Hotel. In order to be able to keep it true and it must be straight, very ambitious and determined. At Lioness likes compliments. We must show them that has a strong partner and good taste, with determination, runs upwards. At Lioness not like stingy and puppets, remember that.

The Ox

This Chinese zodiac sign does not know the meaning of the words "fear" or "anxiety." He does not know what it is. Commands willingly. Does not accept the opinion of others. Outbursts of anger are not excluded, if you do not comply with his orders. Respect the traditions and is very conservative, but often has a gentle soul. One of the most certain signs of the asiatic zodiac. The finances have to be in order, otherwise the Ox call in order with determination. The buffalo you should never attack, otherwise lowers his head and immediately goes into a counterattack. You have been warned ...

The buffalo is always with all its four hooves on the ground and is adamant. His character does not show hardly ever the mood swings or ideas. You should never hinder the buffalo when it's going towards his goal.
This sign of the zodiac must have him as a friend, because he never betrays his best friends or her family.
At the buffalo woman's emancipation do not care much because he knows that is far superior to any man.

How to conquer the Ox man:
Wanting to conquer a man buffalo is very difficult. Takes a lot of patience and perseverance. Accompany him to his events and take an interest in what he does. If you do not care, then forget it.

How to conquer the Ox woman:
Even here need patience and seriousness. The young girl buffalo is perhaps the disco, but later will not affect you more than that. It needs a gentleman next to him. Invite them first in a traditional restaurant where you can eat well. Men puppets with lots of money are resocialized and gentlemen made from buffalo woman, so they can be presented.

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