Scorpio - Rabbit

The double sign of the zodiac Scorpio - Rabbit

It is a fascinating double zodiac sign. But beware, this is a lovely Rabbit, with a deadly sting. Scorpio does not want to hear excuses or stories from when an order. However, the Rabbit will give this order very diplomatically.

The eloquent Rabbit makes sociable the Scorpio. Nothing will stop this double mark in his career. The upper floors of the management this sign is not afraid of anyone. But the cowards are afraid of him, because he does not value at all the puppets and babydolls.

The family will be protected to the maximum.

The Scorpio man wants sex and total obedience. The Rabbit will give this man feel necessary to establish itself diplomatically in their married life. With the right partner Scorpio woman becomes the Leprotta with an endless desire to proliferate, which no real man should give up.

Prominent people VIP Scorpio-Rabbit:
Friedrich Schiller 10.11.1759
Marie Curie 7.11.1967
Leo Trotzki 7.11.1879
Feldmarschall Erwin Rommel 15.11.1891
Ana Ivanovic 6.11.1987

The Scorpio  October 23 - November 21

The sensitive and passionate Scorpio. Strong sexual attractiveness. In the middle of the speech takes out the sting and stings all the way. Scorpio does not love persons stingy and the skinflints.

The power, his authority and his passion make the Scorpion a zodiac sign problematic. With the perfect partner you create a wedding paradise. Otherwise it is hell. Scorpio does not do things by halves. All or nothing. Scorpio is a water sign, and together with Cancer, belongs to the two signs of the most jealous. It is a person of strong will with a high ability to impose themselves in every situation.

How to conquer the Scorpio man:
The Scorpio man should provoke a bit to get him out of his shell of iron. Get dressed very sexy and a little provoke affectionately. Stay very feminine. Show him who is the biggest and the best of all.

How to conquer the Scorpio woman:
A Scorpio woman knows if you take and how you seduce a man in a short time. Already with his sexual attractiveness quickly attains the purpose. Only a passionate man will be successful at the Scorpio woman. He must have the temperament and be honest with yourself. Do not look at any other woman when you are with her, otherwise you'll have to contend with a long and poisonous sting of Scorpio female. You will fall to the ground stone dead.

The Rabbit

The Rabbit is tolerant and eloquent. The good friend. An interlocutor with lots of diplomatic tact. The best democratic political. IShe i always dressed in the traditional way, not exuberant. An excellent hostess. One of the most loved chinese zodiac sign.
The Rabbit is one of the best mothers and optimally protects her children. She and he wants to end any dispute. The Rabbit is a bit shy and loves his 4 walls of everything. The lair of the Rabbit is always very clean and furnished in a classical style. A sign conservative who never rushes things.

Rabbits and cats always fall on their 4 legged friends! The Rabbit needs a strong and docile partner that brings a little stability at home. The partner and the children will not miss anything.

How to conquer the Rabbit man:
To win over the hare you should dress and classically feminine. You must be as gentle as a kitten and be seduced into a romantic place. The Rabbit man, very calm, he knows exactly what he wants and should then be affectionate for life.

How to conquer the Rabbit woman:
Invite the woman rabbit for dinner. We present classic dress, impeccable, and with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The ports in a luxury restaurant and are very affectionate with the Rabbit woman. The affection and romance should then last for a lifetime, otherwise leave it alone.

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