Sagittarius - Ox

The double sign of the zodiac Sagittarius - Ox

Il conservatore Bue e conformista, insieme a Sagittario, non-conformista, e pieno di nuove idee. Lui non ha paura di nulla. La forza persuasiva di questo doppio segno è leggendaria. Guai a coloro che attaccano essere questa l'atmosfera tranquilla, che sembra non essere in grado di ferire qualcuno. Poi il Sagittario-Ox attaccherà immediatamente, al galoppo zoccoli di 8 a testa bassa e 2 con corna affilate, sopraffare l'aggressore. Poi il povero verrà inserito nel l'arco del Sagittario e mandato in orbita.

This zodiac sign needs an apartment immaculately clean and decorated in a classic style. In addition, the Ox-Sagittarius needs a lot of time for his hobby.

Works excellently, and if the job does not suit him or not paid sufficiently, the change immediately. Also in the team play this double sign is very clever. Never betrays his colleagues and never allows him to betray.

However, it is a bit reserved to the partners and children, but absolutely true.

Here the partners you have just "adapt" to the pastime of Ox-Sagittarius. Then there will be problems. The bedroom is interesting once or twice a month. If you are a kind and passionate then better if you are looking for another double zodiac sign. At least you're looking for a totally reliable sign, then you have certainly found it here.

Prominent people VIP Sagittarius-Ox:
William Lloyd Garrison 12.12.1805
Walt Disney 5.12.1901
Monica Sales 2.12.1973

The Sagittarius  November 22 - December 20

The impulsive and optimistic Sagittarius, which remains almost always friendly. He wants to improve the world. A speaker convincing. Its mission is justice. Unfortunately only he knows how. For this reason it is not eligible to be a judge, because it would take place immediately for a party.

A boss too hard, which often is not accepted, although inside the shell there is only the good. A tireless worker immediately ready to help his colleagues, but then does not have the patience to explain the same thing 2 times. This is the "quietest" among the signs of the fire.

Her expectations are too high in the world. For the community goes above and beyond.

Often friend animals and nature. Conservative, but tolerant to new ideas. A positive thinker.

How to conquer the Sagittarius man:
Get yourself invited to a Sagittarius man walk in the mountains or by the sea. Or to a mount between the green meadows. Even a bike ride would not hurt. Take along some good sandwiches and show them to be orderly and socially. If you feel within you the need to be home too, then perhaps, it might be the wrong one.

How to conquer the Sagittarius woman:
La donna Sagittario si può prendere nei vostri viaggi o andare a frugare in oggetti d'antiquariato con lei. Then look to have enough room in the car for all that you have purchased it. Take walks with her and her dog. It will meet you if you want. Otherwise it will remain a good friend for your whole life.

The Ox

This Chinese zodiac sign does not know the meaning of the words "fear" or "anxiety." He does not know what it is. Commands willingly. Does not accept the opinion of others. Outbursts of anger are not excluded, if you do not comply with his orders. Respect the traditions and is very conservative, but often has a gentle soul. One of the most certain signs of the asiatic zodiac. The finances have to be in order, otherwise the Ox call in order with determination. The buffalo you should never attack, otherwise lowers his head and immediately goes into a counterattack. You have been warned ...

The buffalo is always with all its four hooves on the ground and is adamant. His character does not show hardly ever the mood swings or ideas. You should never hinder the buffalo when it's going towards his goal.
This sign of the zodiac must have him as a friend, because he never betrays his best friends or her family.
At the buffalo woman's emancipation do not care much because he knows that is far superior to any man.

How to conquer the Ox man:
Wanting to conquer a man buffalo is very difficult. Takes a lot of patience and perseverance. Accompany him to his events and take an interest in what he does. If you do not care, then forget it.

How to conquer the Ox woman:
Even here need patience and seriousness. The young girl buffalo is perhaps the disco, but later will not affect you more than that. It needs a gentleman next to him. Invite them first in a traditional restaurant where you can eat well. Men puppets with lots of money are resocialized and gentlemen made from buffalo woman, so they can be presented.

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